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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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north. you see one batch going to new york, pennsylvania through southern new england now. new storms are firing south of chicago over to des moines, iowa. frontal boundary up there but around here it is relatively quiet and sticky this morning with temperatures now down to 77 degrees in washington. 66 in the mountains. in petersburg. 68 cumberland and 74 for winchester. sown down south, spoke to jan in reedville. 79. and we are looking at a warm start. temperatures by 9:00 in the low 80s. low 90s for lunchtime. driving home 96. highs today upper 90s to near 100. we will talk about what the records are in 14 minutes. here's the traffic. >> kicking off the 6:00 hour. off to a wonderful tuesday already. but not so much on the roadways. let's take a look at our biggie out here. 66 actually. we can move it outside and show you a live shot. heading eastbound is where we are tracking taillights. at nutley the better news is
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the accident has been pushed to the right shoulder. all lanes are getting by but delayed starting around route 50. okay. switch the shot over to the outer loop at branch avenue. we are crash activity taking away the left lane for drivers. slow approaching the scene. as we move it up on 495, looks like north of the district we are starting to pick up a little volume around the colesville road exit. finally wrap it up with the trains with the metro alert for you. we are experiencing minor delays on the blue and orange line and this is between eastern market and stadium armory. it is due to disabled track maintenance going on. back to you. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. maryland's governor wants answers regarding how pepco handled power outages that affected 300,000 customers last month. violent storms on july 25th left some customers in prince georges and montgomery counties without power for up to five days. a pepco spokesman says the
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company looks forward to working with the governor and commission to improve reliable. voters in connecticut, colorado, georgia and minnesota head to the polls this morning. some experts say the key to tuesday's primary is who shows up at the polls as democrats watch to see if republican enthusiasm is holding strong heading to november's mid-term election. and police in leesburg, virginia, believe a serial killer who fatally stabbed five people an hurt ten others in michigan is behind a series of stabbings in our area. the victims in the leesburg attacks were two african- american men and a latino teen with a dark complexion. in michigan all but two of the 15 victims were black. what appear to be an abduction is caught on tape and dc police need your help. it happened in a shell station parking lot at pennsylvania in southeast. good morning kristin. >> the search continues for the
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suspect and victim in this possible abduction. but right now the biggest clue that dc police have comes from this shell station, and specifically the security camera is located just outside. shortly before 11:00 on sunday night, surveillance cameras at a southeast washington shell station captured this footage of a man forcing a woman in to a dodge charger. the cashiers inside said they didn't see anything but a man nearby did and he called 911. an hour later, police called the gas station's owner asking to see the video. >> i was called by the police and there was an understand den in this place be so i made blast available and let them have the tape. but i one here. i don't really know what happened. >> reporter: so far dc police say they have not received any reports of a missing person that matches the woman in this video. so this could be some sort of
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domestic dispute. so still, dc police are asking anyone with information about the case to call police at 888- 919-crime or 888-919-2746. even as dc police work to identify the two people in that video, one of their own is accused of not doing enough to help. what i'm talking about is the man who called 911 said she saw a dc police officer walk inside of a nearby chinese restaurant to get takeout, instead of investigating the incident. we will hear from that witness coming up at 6:30. back to you, andrea? >> thank you. if you notice an increase police presence on metro and marc trains in montgomery county, don't be alarmed. police are conducting training exercises, aside from regular uniformed officers, can k-9 patrols and s.w.a.t. teams will also be involved. this is just a training exercise and not a response to any sort of threat.
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the man and woman accused of killing two women and two children are being held without bond. sources tell 9 news the pair may have been a hit squad ordered to kill the victims by a houston drug dealer. police say darryl bellard shot and killed two women and two children. the officers bound the bodies in the apartment. and also charged was gillmer who allegedly kept the victims from escaping. >> they potentially face the death penalty in the case. certainly the number of people who were killed makes this a potentially qualifying case for the death penalty. >> reporter: sources tell 9 news now one of the killers took pictures of the murdered people as evidence the hit was carried out. prosecutors would not confirm if authorities are seeking to arrest the houston drug dealer who may have ordered the killings. a suspect in custody in the shooting of a little girl.
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we brought you this story as breaking news last night. the child was shot outside of a liquor store on brightseat road in landover, maryland. she's hospitalized in grave condition. surprising developments that started with allegations of work place intimidation at the kent mill elementary school in silver spring. >> justice delayed. i just want to go on with my life. this is now the second time this -- second time this hearing has been postponed. a hearing was abruptly cancelled yesterday when our scott broom showed up to record the public proceeding with a camera. the principal fired pica after accusing him of inappropriately touching a child. but the parents of the child said that he encouraged the boy to write a report to get the teacher fired. he is among ten teachers who allege intimidation and sexual harass by the principal
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starnes. a family dog shot today, warranted or wrong? we are learning more about the case. prince georges county sheriffs deputy shot and killed a 2-year- old rottweiler. it happened on friday when deputies entered a home in forest heights to serve an eviction notice. the department said he charged at the deputies and they had no choice but to shoot. they say they should have allowed animal control to handle the dog but the department says for safety sake, deputies always go in first. the sheriff has apologized to the owner but says the shooting was justified. the chairman of the prince william county board of supervisors says federal officials will now release more information about illegal immigrants taken in to custody by county police. county chair corey stewart says immigration and custom enforcement officials will release the illegal immigrants name and details regarding the county police matter and sals says that federal officers will open more detention space in
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virginia to hold illegal imgrants heading for deportation. turning to the disaster in the gulf, today b.p. engineers begin to drill the last 100 feet of a relief well designed to make sure that oil never again spills in to the ocean in the company's paralyzed well. the company announced it received 143,000 claims for lost income because of the blownout well and has paid out $300 million without denying a single one. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back and she's been looking at our paychecks. >> i'm sneaky that way. no it is government data. good news here. washington one of the few large metro areas to see paychecks actually climb. in 2009, in you are a other, ranked fourth in the nation for salaries. the bureau of economic analysis reports the total number of personal income rose from 2008 to 2009 for local workers. on average personal income fell
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nationwide. another finding federal workers are averaging twice the salary as local private sector workers making more than $123,000 in benefits and income. more business travelers are taking families along for the ride. our partners at "usa today" report that hotels are pursuing customers for blended travel, a mix of business and pleasure and providing more for leisure minded travelers including workout equipment and expanded entertainment options. a new concept for a store opening in times square. pop tart world. 3,000 square feet dedicated to the toaster pastries. yes, customers will be able to suggest new types of pop tart like a pop tart t-shirt or get frosted and wrapped in foil by a light show. two candy makers have started stand alone stores. we have hershey store and m&m world and producer has been to
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m&m world and says it is fantastic. who knows how they will start a store out of pop tarts. >> american ingenuity. go for it. >> wrap yourself in pop tarts. police say a suspect is exclusive targeting black men. here's howard with the focus on maryland weather. >> good morning. you know, maryland looking good this morning but warm. it is muggy and humid and a very hot afternoon. let's get you going today with a look at the sunshine. a couple of high clouds mixing in, as well. we start off well in the 70s to near 80. as we approach the 9:00 hour, in the lower 80s. plenty of sun. 70ish though in western maryland and oakland and garrett county. lunchtime, alfresco, perhaps. 91 camp springs. 87 annapolis and we climb in the mid to upper 90s. frederick at 4:00, 99 degrees.
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angie? >> it is on fire. >> it is. red is not good an we are seeing a little bit of that on my traffic maps. on the outer loop in maryland approaching branch avenue we have an accident on the left shoulder and more volume north of the district around 29 colesville road. move over to utility work here. it will be with us throughout the russia. it is 355 going northbound at montgomery avenue. watch for crews. and finally end with a new wreck reported past this point at 109 approaching i-270. and i'll send it over the to our commercial break. back after
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welcome back. the search continues this morning for a serial killer who police belief attacked three people in leighs before, virginia last week. the same man is believed to be responsible for five murders in flint, michigan and a stabbing in toledo, ohio. police are trying to figure out why leesburg. >> he is unshaven, wears a a ballpark and has a distinctive earring and according to police is a serial killer. >> i could consider him to be desperate and dangerous. >> reporter: police say he stabbed a 15-year-old boy on tuesday night behind this gas station. the bleeding victim staggered to the front door, asked for help and collapsed. >> saw 50 cop scars an that there was tape all around.
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>> reporter: fear prompted roman rush and his friends to travel only in groups now. >> they were telling me some random guy is going around stabbing people so i'm watching my back. >> reporter: the suspect allegedly walked in to this apartment complex and passed a 67-year-old man who was sitting on the front steps. he quickly came back out, violently stabbing the man in the back. >> it is scary, unreal. hard to believe. especially in this area. >> reporter: the attack, who was at least six feet tall and 200-pounds left a trail of victims and a wave of fear. on friday night, the suspect struck again, assaulting a 19- year-old dark skin latino man in the head with a hammer. the suspect had approached him to ask for help. >> he needs to be treated the same way he has treated other people. catch him and stab him and hit him in the head with a hammer. >> the suspect's car a is a
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late model two tone green and beige chevy s-10 blazer with two large dents in the hood. so why did the suspect come to leesburg and where is he now? virginia state police and the fbi are trying to figure that out. in the meantime, both of those stabbing victims from lees bug are still in the hospital. the man who suffered the hammer blow to the head received multiple stitches but was released. >> in the news now, former vice president dick cheney was released from the hospital last night. the 69-year-old had been treated at inova fairfax county hospital since heart surgery last month. he has been suffering congestive heart failure and had a small pump installed to help his heart work. a freak accident landed a motorcyclist in the hospital with you call injuries. it happened in south dakota last sunday. a da knew came off of a pickup and struck the cyclist in the head. police later cited the truck driver with driving under the
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influence. in maine, two people were able to walk away from this plane crash on a lake. the plane went down in naples over the week. authorities say the plane flipped over as it tried to land. two people on board. amazingly only suffered minor injuries. howard bernstein is here with the ways to beat the heat. could be near record temperatures today. >> we have shown you the battery-powered fan before and that is really good. this is head cool. it comes with two ice packs you put it in there and wrap it around your forehead and it is supposed to keep you cool. how does it feel. >> it feels a cool. i feel it on my forehead and my workout video will be out next week. >> thank you. doing a good job. >> get though forecast today. we are looking at -- you try to stay cool. >> unless you are in an air conditioned place. records to heat beet. 100 in baltimore.
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102 martinsburg. record high 98 in washington. set in 1943 and last year in dulles 97 degrees. both dc and dulles will make a run at the records for the day. i think baltimore is safe and pretty sure that martinsburg is not going to happen. 77 right now. 83 by 9:00. 92 at noon. partly to mostly sunny. 96 for the drive home. record heat is possible. we hit the highs at 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. could be 98, 99. maybe locally 100 by then. partly sunny, warming quickly. 70s to the 80s the next couple of hours. southwesterly winds at 5:00. then this afternoon, the record heat is possible. highs between 95 and 100. southwesterly winds phi to ten miles an hour. tonight it will be a muggy night. lows in the 70s. mid to upper 70s in most areas. sunset 8:09. looking at the satellite and radar this morning there's the showers to our north. coming through southern new england here. new york is going to get a
6:18 am
little wet the next couple of hours and for us we are dry. a couple of showers in southern west virginia and extreme western virginia in the last hour. 77 national and ocean city. philly and new york is 79. some 60s in the mountains. locally we are down to 70 in manassas. 72 gaithersburg. 75 columbia and college park. also at andrews air force base. and brandywine is 74. and ft. belvoir a more comfortable 71 degrees. national 77. but feels like 79. the dew point in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. and one reason we are seeing the heat, well, yeah, it is august but the real big heat again the jet stream. well to the north with a ridge of high pressure in the upper level. that is compressing the air causing the heat and humidity. in the tropics we are watching for possible development here of this system has it comes across florida to the gulf of mexico. and thunderstorms once again staying away from us. so we could use a little more rain.
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chances of rain today fairly slim. they will pick up a little bit as we head to tomorrow. and right now looking at good weather for ed today. the seven-day forecast, temperatures upper 90s to near 100 today. mid-90s tomorrow. slight chance of a storm tomorrow afternoon. dry on saturday and still some afternoon storms are possible on sunday and monday. angie's got the tuesday morning traffic troubles. >> that's right. wake up, wake up. we made it to tuesday. we are here to help you get the morning started andlet you know about the tieups to avoid. begin outside by looking at 66. we want to keep you updated on the congestion. seeing a lot of it from 50 to the beltway due to an accident. take you to the next stop, 395 northbound, below speed from duke to seminary. happy to report no accidents along the way. in to dc we go, inbound new york avenue. it looks like we are slow from the times building to bladensburg. no problems on the roadway.
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however, we are learning in northwest dc, avenue is currently closed at first street due to crash activity. on 270 we wrap it up. slow germantown road to montross and on 109 westbound approaching 27 is where we have crash activity to keep an eye out out for. coming up next, high school football season is just weeks away. coming up how you can get in on the action as a campus correspondent. it is 6:20 and you are watching 9 news now. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters.
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the high school football season is around the corner and we have a great program we want you to get involved in. this year the we are bringing the best coverage of high school football and we are
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looking for students who want to be part of our team by becoming campus correspondents for your school. if you are selected for the program we will give you a free flip cam from highlights to pep rallies to cheerleaders to interviews. with your players and coaches, our campus correspondents will be covering game for high school get more information and fill out an application by logging on to just click on sports. hope you have a great day. a woman is apparently snatched and thrown in to a car and now dc police are pouring other surveillance footage to find out what happened. next, how you can help. our time is 6:24. here's angie. 95 northbound. looks like there are no incidents or accidents along the way but we are drop dropping in speed prince the prince william parkway and lorton. a steamy start to your tuesday. we will have the hot forecast when 9 news now returns. ,s
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. good morning. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein season 0 the terrace and it will be a scorcher today. >> it will be the 50th day we
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hit 90 this year. not quite the record. the record is 68 but we are on the way. ghost to the -- let's go to the map and talk about the heat advisories. we don't have any. not hot enough for that but in new york and philly there are heat advisories there. temperatures in the 70s. 77 in town. 780 on the bay in annapolis. 72 from charlie in catlett. 71 winchester. a warm, sticky start. low 80s by 9:00. low 90s around the lunch hour. driving home 96. highs 95 to 100 degrees. code orange air quality. 6:29. almost 6:30. here's angie. take it in, folks. good morning. overall, no major accidents across the area, the surrounding area i should say. if we zoom in i want to show you florida avenue. this is rather new. the roadway is closed at first street because of an accident that has the traffic lights out, which means, as always,
6:30 am
you want to treat it as a four- way stop. moving to the outer loop, looks like north of the district we are delayed between new hampshire charleston an georgia avenue. looking at ten minutes right now and that's growing. 66 eastbound, you are still stop and going going from 50 to the capital beltway. thanks to some earlier accidents. speaking of 495 in virginia, you are clear from braddock to 66. that's a quick look at traffic. back to you. what appears to be an abduction in southeast dc is caught on tape and police need your help. it happened in the shell station parking lot along pennsylvania avenue southeast. kristin fisher is live from the neighborhood with more. >> hey, good morning, andrea. well, a lot of questions in this case and not a lot of answers this morning. right now dc police are trying to identify both the victim and the suspect in this possible abduction but even ooze they are doing that they are also facing accusations from one witness who says that one dc police officer was actually
6:31 am
going to get some takeout chinese food. instead of trying to help. here's the full story. this all happened shortly before 11:00 on sunday evening. surveillance cameras at this southeast washington shell station captured this footage of a man forcing a woman in to a dodge charger. now the cashiers inside say they didn't see anything, but a man outside did. he called 911, and according to one witness, who asked to remain anonymous, a dc police car pulled up a few minutes later, but the officer walked inside of a nearby chinese restaurant to get some takeout, instead of helping out. >> there was a police car that came in to the parking lot, neighbor a few minutes later. the guy who called the police, he walked over to her car because he thought that was a squad car that was coming, and she told him that a car would be there soon. and she went in the chinese restaurant and got her chinese food and left. yes, she did. i was very upset about that.
6:32 am
>> reporter: 9 news now spoke to the owner of that chinese restaurant who confirmed after a man asked him to call 911 -- if you have any information in this case, dc police are asking you to call this number at 888- 919-crime. you can also call 1-888-919- 2746. andrea? >> thank you. if you notice an increased police presence on metro and marc trains in montgomery county, don't be alarmed. police are conducting training exercises. aside from regular uniformed officers, k-9 patrols and s.w.a.t. teams will also be involved. again, this is just a training exercise and not a response to any sort of threat. police are looking for three suspects wanted for shooting and killing a store clerk just trying to run away.
6:33 am
it happened in glen burnie early monday morning. police say the trio came in to the 7-eleven in the 7700 block of baltimore-annapolis boulevard. officers believe the 48-year- old clerk was trying to get away from them when one of the crooks shot him to death. >> kind of shocking. they only needed the money, didn't need to kill anyone. >> it is not like losing your life for 20 or $30. >> they didn't get much. police believe the crooks got away with only $35. again, no arrests have been made. the victim leaves behind a wife and two children. we now know one of the americans killed in afghanistan is from our area. 25-year-old brian carderelli from harrissonburg was killed in the attack that left ten aid workers dead, six of them american. he had been in afghanistan since september documenting the work done by the international assistance mission. his family says plans for a funeral and memorial service are still being worked out.
6:34 am
meanwhile the obama administration calls the killing of six americans a despicable act of violence and they have opened an investigation to the cause of death. >> we are heart broken by the loss of these heroic people. and we condemn in the strongest terms the murders. the christian charity says it has no plans to leave afghanistan despite the attack. more than 5,000 jobs in virginia are in jeopardy as the u.s. military looks to cut the budget. secretary of defense robert gates announced on monday plans to cut $100 billion out of the budget over the next five years. on his hit list the joint forces command in norfolk, which commands no forces but spends $240 million a year. secretary gates also wants the number of brass, civilian and
6:35 am
military cut by 200. >> if you were to graph the defense budget going back the last 40 or 50 years, it would look like the ekg of a fibrillating heart. >> reporter: the pentagon spent a quarter of a trillion dollars a year on overhead. it seems it does pay to work for the federal government. the compensation gap between federal and private workers has doubled in the last decade. federal civil servants earned average pay and benefits of $123,000 in 2009 and private workers made just over $61,000 in total compensation. the federal election commission is fined former maryland congressman albert wynn $8,000. the agency says he improperly used $115,000 of general election funds in his failed primary campaign in 2008. federal law requires that donations for the primary and general election must be kept
6:36 am
separate. 6:35. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with security concerns from some apple owners. >> that's right. apple has quietly been pulling together a security fix for this problem. this could potentially impact iphones, ipads and ipod touches. in the last week a technique appeared a the website jailbreak it could allow someone to access the operating system of someone else's apple device. apple says a security patch is complete but is yet to announce when it will release the fix. honda is recalling 400,000 popular ford and civic models. problems with an ignition switch could heat drivers remove the key of the car while it is it is not in park. this is the third recall over the same problem since 2003. it covers accords and civics from the 2003 model year and the 20032004 honda elements. investors will soon have a shot of owning a piece of sky. the internet calling service is
6:37 am
listing shares on the nasdaq. no word on the price of the offering. sky offer -- it is expected to be a busy offering. a lot of interest in skype. >> it is interesting all the problems apple has had with these new phones. >> yeah. >> we begin our focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> good morning, virginia. get ready for a scorcher of a tuesday. once again, temperatures will in the 90s maybe 100 in a couple of locations. get you out the door. talking about the sunshine. we start the day in the 70s. some low to mid-70s north and west. however, by 9:00, many areas will be at 80 degrees like leesburg, manassas and culpeper. fairfax not far behind. 90 in fairfax at lunchtime and 90 fredericksburg. and winchester up to 92. this afternoon mid to upper 90s could be a couple of clouds toward winchester because scorcher of an afternoon.
6:38 am
angie? >> hello, everybody. the focus is on virginia right now. better news for 66 drivers. check it out. heading eastbound the congestion is breaking apart nicely but below speed between 50 and nutley. in to the district you will find the lanes open. and live from sky 9 we give you maryland 210 and old fort road, check it out. a lot of congestion out here. deep in delays. it is volume, no incidents or accidents. it is 6:38. we'll be right
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or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at cute on tape. apparently this ohio woman refused to take no for an answer when a mcdonald's employee refused to sell her some chicken nuggets and now the 25-year-old melody is facing vandalism and assault charges. she is seen here bunch punching the store employee at the drive-
6:43 am
thru window. she broke the window to get to the employee because she couldn't get the nuggets she wanted because the restaurant was still in the breakfast mode. >> reporter: jetblue is working with police and the federal aviation administration to investigate an incident at new york's kennedy airport. police say a flight attendant got in to an argument with a passenger. hazel sanchez has more on what happened. >> reporter: this is the inflatable emergency slide already folded in the back of a pickup truck ready to be towed away after aviation sources say steven slater deployed it at jfk international airport just after noon. sources say slater got in to a heated argument with a passenger aboard jetblue flight 1052 from pittsburgh international airport after the plane landed in new york. sources say slater lost his temper when a passenger attempted to pull baggage out of an overhead bin as the plane taxied to the gate. sources say he told the passenger to sit down until the
6:44 am
plane was parked at the gate but the passenger yelled exme tyes at slater hitting the flight attendant. he later got on the system and yelled to the passenger who called me an expletive, expletive you. i have been in the business 28 years. i've had it. that's it. sources say slaterren this grabbed some beer from the plane, deployed the inflatable slide and took off in his car, parked in the employee lot. sources say jetblue waited 25 minutes before notifying port authority police. a manhunt ensued. the police searched the terminal and airport grounds. police arrested slater at the bell harbor new york home he shares with his partner according to his mother. they say there were no injuries and all customers deplaned safely through the jetway. at no time was the security of our customers or crew members at risk. >> that was hazel sanchez
6:45 am
reporting. we were asking what about the passenger that caused the uproar. >> he apparently did not listen to the orders of the flight attenthey tell you all the time because they are on the runway and not at the gate an anything can happen and we have seen it happen and we have been on the planes where something starts and people get jostled around. >> i have a feeling the flight attendant has done the lost haul. >> but the passenger who was really at fault. >> all right. two sides to every story. let's get going. >> three really. >> at least. >> hot day ahead. we are looking at temperatures which will soar to the 100- degree mark. visibility, peeking at them right now because we are looking at readings a little down with the haze but no real problem with the visibilities to get you started. so that will be a clearing up quickly here. let's show you what we are talking about for today. at a glance, temperatures, come on weather computer. there you go. temperatures in the 80s in the next couple of hours. in the low 90s by lunchtime. and mid-90s for the drive home.
6:46 am
we will top off somewhere between 98 and 99 maybe 100 locally and the record today at reagan national 98 set in 1943. so partly sunny to mostly sunny morning. warming quickly. 70s and 80s the next few hours. southwesterly winds at five. we will climb 95 to 100. records 98 at national and 97 at dulles. 100 in baltimore. southwest winds at five to ten miles an hour this afternoon. really going to help to heat things up. then tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, 70s for lows. mid to upper 70s with light winds. the sunis the is 8:09. if you are looking up north for rain it's there but not coming here right now. showers in pennsylvania through the metro new york region. boston got it overnight. had a couple of showers north of pittsburgh but our rain chances today are less than 20%, a lot of humidity in the lower levels of the atmosphere. you see the pockets of yellow. that is 7 a or higher. a sticky, steamy summer-type of
6:47 am
day. we should be in the upper 80s, not the upper 90s. philly and new york 79. dc 77 right now. 72 reston and gaithersburg, columbia and college park at 75 along with andrews air force base. springfield is 74 degrees this morning. while fairfax is holding on to 78. a warm one. feels like 79 at national thanks to the dew point in the upper 60s and there's the wind, south southwest, 7 miles an hour. that's a warm breeze. the heat is really been a problem across the central mississippi valley to the south. speaking of another problem, got a big broad area of low pressure. mid to upper levels. this could potentially work its way down to the surface over the warm gulf of mexico. it could impact the situation in the gulf of mexico. the high pressure ridge is just moving in at the surface we
6:48 am
have high pressure near asheville to north carolina. so the humidity is here. the warmth is here. with the daytime heating our rain chances very slight. i mean we can't say completely we are not going to see something but if there is one or two or three blips on radar that will be it today. tomorrow, different story. especially west of town. we start quiet in the morning. look at what happens in the afternoon toward the shenandoah valley to the mountains and then tomorrow night, potentially shower and storms could be rolling through overnight and our southern sections more so than northern sections but we will watch as the thunderstorm chances start to go up here over the next couple of days. what's going up today? temperatures. 98 would tie the record at reagan national. 96 tomorrow with an afternoon storm. thursday and friday a chance of storms goes up. temperatures drop to 90. saturday looks good. sunday could be a late storm and 92. right now it is 12 minutes from the 7 hour. and most of our problems in the district are approaching them.
6:49 am
we will zoom in and take you to northwest dc. florida avenue right now. westbound lanes are closed at first street due to an accident. and 66 eastbound, crossing the roosevelt bridge we are losing the right lane. police activity is taking away that prosecutor drivers causing a slow go approaching the scene. to 395, we open the door from the beltway to seminary. we are delayed. this is a live look. we are taking you next to sky 9, where we are seeing heavy delays northbound on 210 toward old ford road to the beltway. you want to factor in extra minutes for your commute this morning. heavy volume. no incidents or accidents. metro riders, better news for you. as you go to our graphics, we want you to know all trains are on time. the blue and orange line are back to normal. vre and marc trains are doing well as welt. that's the latest. back to you. if you haven't made plans for the final summer vacation you might be in luck. coming up next, how you can rent one of the most expensive
6:50 am
yachts in the world, if you act fast. ú
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chicago a firefighter is dead after calling three stories overnight. he was trying to put out a restaurant fire when he fell from the ladderment witnesses say it looked like he slipped. he survived by his parents, sister and fiance. john listen -- john lennon's killer is seeking his freedom for the fifth time. he is serving 20 years to life for shooting the former beatle to death on a manhattan sidewalk in 1980. more than 6700 people are now confirmed dead and more than 1,000 are still missing after heavy rains and mudslides in china. it is part of a weather system sweeping across much of asia. one river burst through a dam in a northwestern province, forcing 45,000 people to evacuate one village. more rain is expected over the
6:54 am
next three days. howard? >> we are looking a high heat today. 92 by noon. 96 with a drive home. topping out at 3:00, 4:00 between 95 and 100. angie's traffic and some relief in the seven-day forecast when we return. ♪
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. are you looking for one last summer vacation with the family you could sail on this. a 170-foot yacht called kiss the sky. it is ranked as the ninth most expensive yacht in the world. the price tag $32 million. but you don't have to buy it. you can rent it for $220,000 a
6:58 am
week. >> that's it? >> there's a bigger chance of me riding in that thing before i ever ride in that thing. >> kiss the sky is dock nod norfolk right now. they are checking out the shipyard in case they ever need to repair the boat but you better hurry up if you want to see it. it says later this week for new york. maybe we can hop aboard as a friend of whoever is on board. >> let's talk about police activity op the roosevelt bridge. if you are traveling 66 westbound expect to lose a right lane. we are slow approaching the scene. moving to the district, westbound florida avenue is closed at first street because of crash activity. we know the traffic lights are out but you want to follow the police direction. beltway in virginia, disabled tractor-trailer this is on the inner loop at van doren. the outer loop is slow
6:59 am
stretching from 95 to georgia avenue. howard? >> watch for the heat today. and remember the pets and elderly neighbors. be smart. 95 to 100. the record is 97 in washington and 97 dulles. tomorrow 96 with a chance of a storm in the afternoon. storm chances pick unon thursday and friday as we cool down to the low 90s and upper 80s and hot through the weekend. as for wall street we have a big fed decision coming out this afternoon on interest rates. in the meantime a little anxiety. futures trading is looking lower. >> the "early show" is next. with zero a look at apparenting. a growing trend of parents who are overly connected to their college-aged kids. and our next newscast is at noon. until then get the news, weather and traffic and stay up on the heat today at >> speaking of moms, is actually hosting a big event on august


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